Rosa Luxemburg: revolutionary warned of environmental destruction and resurgent far right

Your ‘order’ is built on sand. Tomorrow the revolution will ‘rise up again, clashing its weapons,’ and to your horror it will proclaim with trumpets blazing: I was, I am, I shall be!

The final written words of Polish revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg still resonate 100 years since her death. Murdered by right-wing paramilitaries on January 15, 1919, her fate in Berlin foreshadowed the brutality of the following two decades. The German Revolution she fought for was stamped out in the chaotic aftermath of World War I. But did Luxemburg’s legacy die with it? 

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Interviews with Ana Cecilia Dinerstein

'Hope is an invitation to work together, to develop alternatives'.

Interview by Dominique Villaert, from the art of organising hope. 31/10/2018
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‘Reorganizar la esperanza. Por un Marxismo abierto y decolonial’
Interview by Alejandro Mantilla, 15/11/17, La Siniestra 

Translation (French)
‘Réorganiser l’espoir: Pour un marxisme ouvert et décolonial. Entretien avec Ana Cecilia Dinerstein, par Alejandro Mantilla’. Traduction: Denis Amutio

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