Social Movements and Critical Theory: The art of Organising Hope

On 17 April 2019, Plan C Bristol has held a public debate with Argentinian critical theorist Ana Cecilia Dinerstein as part of the local group’s monthly events series. Dinerstein’s recent work has focused on combining Open Marxism and decolonial feminism, and her best-known book is The Politics of Autonomy in Latin America: The Art of Organising Hope (2015), on grass-root social movements in Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil. She has theorised “The Art of Organising Hope” as a collective practice of social critique from below, contributing to a dialogue among experiences from different areas of the world which attempt to create autonomous forms of life in common, in, against and beyond the existing society. As Plan C is part of these attempts of organising autonomy, we propose here this text by Ana, which was originally written as the opening of the Alternative Summit TAOH: New Narratives for Europeheld in Ghent in November 2018’ (Plan C)

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