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Argentina votes to legalise abortion in latest victory for global feminism. TheConversation, 


‘Concrete Utopia’. Public Seminar, New School, Also: Centre for Development Studies, Bath 

Women on the Verge: The essence of feminist struggle’, ROAR Magazine, January 24.


‘A post work economy of robots and machines is a bad utopia for the left’, (with F. H. Pitts and G. Taylor), TheConversation, May 2016 (5,000 hits).

‘Impeachment or ‘Soft Coup’?: The State of democracy in Brazil and in Latin America today’, Dev@Log Bath, CDS, University of Bath, May 19,


What Europe’s hopeful left can learn from Latin America, The Conversation (87,000 hits).


‘Diciembre 2001: la política contra la police’, Centro Cultural de la Cooperación