I am a critical theorist. My method of enquiry combines a critique of political economy with the philosophy of hope, politics, critical feminism, art, and decoloniality. I am opening a new trans-disciplinary field of critical research: the global politics of hope. At the centre of my social research is the analysis of the contradictory processes of transformation led by social, labour, indigenous, urban and rural movements mainly in both South and North. I explore how their ‘concrete utopias’, i.e. the innovative forms of production and social reproduction that they are bringing about contest patriarchal, colonial and capitalist powers, how they are ‘translated’ by the state into the law and policy, and how they can move beyond the limits imposed by the state, global money and patriarchal powers, at a time when alternatives are urgently needed.



Open Marxism 4, Against a Closing World, Pluto Press, London – New York (with John Holloway)


Standing Seminar in Critical theory


Carving out new politics of hope for 2019, by Andrew Dune, Press Office, University of Bath

I supervise  PhD students and mentor post docs working on:



  • Global political economy, class, work and crisis

  • Urban, rural and indigenous movements in Latin America and the Global South

  • Social and solidarity economy

  • Alternative forms of social reproduction

  • Understanding Utopia

  • The commons, collective action and pre-figurative politics

  • Marxism and critical theory

  • Decolonial theory

  • Social reproduction Feminism

  • Political philosophy and epistemology surrounding social emancipation