Social Sciences for An-Other Politics. Women Theorising without Parachutes

Palgrave McMillan, Basingstoke. 

  • Provides a ground-breaking and provocative approach to social and political change

  • Critiques capitalist-colonial-patriarchal society by delineating alternative realities

  • Transcends academic boundaries and binary divisions between knowledge and practice

Contributors from Women on the Verge


The politics of Autonomy in Latin America: The art of Organising Hope

Palgrave McMillan, Basingstoke. 2015

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Social Movements and Collective Autonomy

Capital Intelectual, Buenos Aires. 2013 (with D. Contartese, M. Deledicque, J.P. Ferrero, L. Ghiotto and R. Pascual)


The Piqueteros Road. Struggles and Legacies

Capital Intelectual, Buenos Aires, 2010 (with D. Contartese, M. Deledicque).


Targeted to non-academic audiences to create public awareness about the capacity of marginalised social actors to organise and transform their communities.


The Labour Debate: An Investigation into the Theory and Reality of Capitalist Work 

Routledge, London-New York, 2002 (Co-editor: Michael Neary)

English version is out of print. 

Let me know if you are interested in the book


Emek Tartismasi. Kapitalist Isin Teorisi ve Gerceligine Dair Bir Inceleme

Otonom, Ankara, 2006



El Trabajo en Debate. Una investigación de la teoría y realidad del trabajo capitalista

Herramienta, Buenos Aires, 2009