Sarah Amsler


Sarah Amsler is Associate Professor in Education at the University of Nottingham, a member of the Social Science Centre educational co-operative in Lincoln, UK, the Ecoversities network and a mother. Her scholarly work centres on understanding and creating epistemic, ontological, affective and pedagogical resources for liberation from dehumanising social relations including capitalism, heteropatriarchy and coloniality. She is especially interested in how affective pedagogies and methods of inquiry into the ‘not-yet’ possible can open processes of ‘learning and organising hope’, and in co-creating spaces for such processes to become possible both in formal institutions (particularly schools and universities) and in the creation of local and global community. In 2016, she organised the first physical meeting of the Women on the Verge collective at Cambridge University, a research and writing workshop on ‘The Politics of Possibility: The Ethics and Politics of Prefigurative Knowledge and Practice’. While much of her work is process-oriented, she is author of various books, papers and pedagogical resources, including The Education of Radical Democracy (2015), The Politics of Knowledge in Central Asia: Science from Marx to the Market (2007), and co-editor of Acts of Knowing: Critical Pedagogy in, Against and Beyond the University (2013). A sociologist and educator, she teaches inside and outside the university in the areas of education and social justice, critical social theory, practice-based research and research methodology and contributes to a range of popular education projects. She is currently working on a new book, with Ana C. Dinerstein, entitled Hope: Tools for Organising An Other World. In Summer 2018, she is organising, together with Raquel Gutiérrez and Ana C. Dinerstein, an academic writing workshop in Puebla, Mexico, entitled ‘Writing for An Other World: Strengthening Transnational Partnerships in Post-capitalist, Post-development and Post-patriarchal social research’.