Sara Catherine Motta

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Sara Catherine Motta is a mother, critical theorist, priestess of the feminine divine and popular educator who currently works in the Discipline of Politics at the University of Newcastle, NSW Australia. At present she is co-facilitating a number of activist-scholar projects including ‘La Política de la Maternidad’ with militant mothers and grandmothers in Colombia, Brazil and Australia, and ‘Decolonising Domestic Violence’ with survivors, critical educators and practitioners in Colombia and Australia. She has published in activist and academic outlets, including a radical feminist column Beautiful Transgressions - and Interface (of which she is also founding editor and currently Latin American Editor) - Her most recent book is ‘Constructing 21st Century Socialism in Latin America: The Role of Radical Education’ with Mike Cole (Palgrave Macmillan Press). She is currently writing a decolonial feminist non-manifesto of liberation ‘Liminal Subjects: Weaving (our) Liberation’ and visioning (with others) the creation of a political school and community in Newcastle.

She contributed to the volume Social Sciences for An-Other politics: Women theorising without parachutes Edited by A C Dinerstein, Palgrave McMillan with a chapter titled ‘Decolonising Critique: From Prophetic Negation to Prefigurative Affirmation’ (pp. 33-48)